Monday, August 21, 2006

Learning, Emotions, & BLOGging

Does blogging allow for the expression of emotions?

Why are these questions significant?

“How students feel is critical to the decision to learn, the quality of learning, and the ability to recall the learning” (Jensen, 2000, p. 321). “The old model of learning separated mind, body, and emotions. We now know differently. Emotions are a critical part of a learner’s ability to think rationally and experience meaning” (Jensen, 2000, p. 283).

“Today, neuroscientists might tell you to engage emotions appropriately at every chance you get. Engage emotions as a part of the learning, not as an add-on” (Jensen, 1998, p.80).

Some of the ways that teaching can support the emotions is by providing more personally meaningful projects and more individual choice, by ensuring that the resources necessary for success are available to every learner, by creating multi-status groups of learners supported by peer review and feedback, by using self-assessment tools for non-threatening feedback, and by assigning large group-oriented projects that require learners to learn to work with others and problem solve for the greater good.

Does blogging:

_____ 1. provide personally meaningful projects?
_____ 2. provide more individual choice?
_____ 3. ensure that the resources necessary for success are available to every learner?
_____ 4. create multi-status groups?
_____ 5. provide for peer review and feedback?
_____ 6. use self-assessment tools?
_____ 7. provide large group-oriented projects?
_____ 8. require problem solving?

Hmmm. Which of these would you check off?


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