Friday, July 28, 2006

Useful Blog Help Sites

For those of us beginner bloggers, I've found some interesting help "stuff":

1. Of amazing use has been Will Richardson's Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other powerful Web Tools for Classrooms. Besides being a useful "get started blogging" reference, the reasons for using blogs in the classroom are discussed. There are many useful blog sites referenced as a starting point for getting a feel for what educational blogs can look like.

2. Anne Davis has a website called EduBlog Insights. The July 14th, 2006 entry is especially useful. It is titled, "My Weblog Projects Page". Not only can you glance at the projects, but she has taken the time to explain each project for those of us wishing for more instructions.

3. Clerc Center Blogs includes lots of good links. If you like that, you'll also like Blog Tool Options. Or maybe you are into RSS and would like more instructions.

4. BlogsNow shows the most popular blogs.

5. For those of us who need a place to ask our silly questions....SupportBlogging!

6. And...a blog on the history of blogging by Rebecca Blood. This blog is often sited in peer-reviewed journals!! And if you are looking for much more info like this...Dan's Discourse History.
There's even a site for the interested librarians.

Other related skills:

1. Pbwiki - Both Will Richardson and Ann Davis are good sources of info for this as well.

2. Podcasting - How to podcast, the Educational Podcast Network, the Podcast Directory.

And, of course, I have found Blogger's help menu to be very useful!!


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