Monday, August 21, 2006

Telling before writing = not writing (?)

During my undergraduate studies, I took a creative writing class. We discussed the saying, "If you tell people about the book you are going to write, you will never write it." In telling the story before it is written, the "author" has already gained an audience and has lost a lot of the motivation to write.

I've considered this many times as I've written posts for this blog. I have avoided writing the really "meaty" stuff that relates blogging to how kids learn because I need to still feel motivated to write the thesis. I had come to my own conclusion that I would write the most important connections between neuroscientific research and blogging AFTER I completed my research.

I wonder about this. I read on other people's blogs this summer that blogging really helped them develop their dissertations. I wonder if they talked "around" the subject or directly addressed the real issues they were pursuing. How did they resolve this issue?



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