Monday, August 21, 2006

Adequate processing time provided by blogging

Does blogging allow students the time needed to process learning?

Students need periods of purposeful processing time for learning to incubate. (Jensen, 1998; Prigge, 2002)

“Students carry out initial and secondary rehearsal at different rates of speed and in different ways, depending on the type of information in the new learning and their learning styles” (Sousa, 2001, p. 86).

“Because the rate of learning the rate of retrieval are independent, individuals can be fast or slow learners, fast or slow retrievers, and every combination in between” (Sousa, 2001, p.108).

“Provide sufficient time for learning to begin with. Make sure you plan time for review and reflection, as well. These are requirements for authentic learning” (Jensen, 2000, p. 320).

Blogging comments:

"Blogging allows everyone in the class to share their opinion, not just the loudest or most outspoken student" (Caitlin Nunberg in article cited below).

"[Some] students prefer to blog after school, even in the middle of the nights."
- from Borja, R. (2005). 'Blogs catching on as a tool for instruction". Education Week, 25(15), p. 1f.

"The time constraints of the classroom limit both the scope of and participation in discussions. Blogs provide a forum in which everyone can participate equally, and new discussions can easily branch out from established topics."
- from Weiler, G. (2003). Using weblogs in the classroom. English Journal, 92(5), p. 73f.


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