Friday, September 08, 2006

The "Why Bother Blogging" Podcast

After posting the entry "Blogging - Does it really 'hook' students?" I remembered listening to a podcast that answered that question effectively - by educators who use blogging in the classroom...It is EdTech Posse Podcast #13. This is what Rob Wall, one of the contributors said about this podcast:

This conversation featuring the full posse - Alec Couros, Rick Schwier, Dean Shareski and Rob Wall - was recorded on December 14, 2005. Just the day before we recorded, I was in a meeting for developing an Information Literacy scope and sequence for the school where I teach. The teacher librarian and I were talking about blogging, wikis, RSS, podcasting and other tools of the read-write web, along with production technologies like digital video editing. One of the teachers in the meeting asked what was the point of having students do these things in school - I was so stunned to be asked this that I didn't have a good response, so I posed the question to the posse. A very robust conversation was the result - EdTech Posse Podcast #013.

Here is a summary of some of the ideas presented on this podcast that relate to the discussion on this blog:

- Students are saying that they've done the essays. They are looking for something different and so are the teachers.
- Maybe we should turn the question around and ask "What's the educational value of doing an essay?" Do we do essays just because they are part of the teaching culture? We assume that the things we are already doing are okay and maybe they aren't.
- Teachers are "literacy biased". We give assignments that cater to a certain kind of student. Students may communicate better if they could make a video, blog, or podcast.
- Teachers teach to the type of students they were themselves.
- Blogging and other tools of the read/write web fit the Adaptive Dimension.


Blogger teacher dude said...

I think that the new generation of mobile phones will allow students to add more visual and audio content to their blogs etc. I'm already encouraging my students to take photos and videos and talk about them on their own blogs. It breaks down this almost manic insistance that many teachers have that the written word is the sole method of producing "worthwhile" content.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Jeanette Wiens-Peckham said...

These are skills I wish to learn, too, but haven't yet. I think sometimes we insist on "essays" because we haven't learned how to blog, use cell phones (really!!), make videos and publish them, make podcasts, etc.. It is scary for teachers when students know more than they do. The unknown can cause fear. As well, we still teach toward PhD requirements....essay skills for university...undergraduate skills for master's thesis skills...thesis skills for the ultimate PhD.

9:33 AM  

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